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High Security Locks Are Pick-Proof

The average deadbolt sold at a hardware store can be picked open easily by a set of pick tools that anyone can buy online. That’s a scary thought. High security locks by Mul-T-Lock and other similar brands can not be picked-open because they have telescopic pins

High Security Locks Are Bump- Proof

Most common locks can be bumped-open because these locks only have 5 pins. Bump keys are sold online and  can be used to bump open any common lock found at a hardware store. Most high-security locks have telescopic pins, hence they are bump-resistant.

High-Security Locks Offer Key Control

A basic lock uses a common key that can be duplicated at any hardware store or locksmith shop, using a standard key copy machine. High Security locks such as Mul-T-Lock use restricted key blanks that the common hardware store do not have those key blanks, nor the special machine to cut these keys. In addition, in order to cut high-security keys, a special ID card is needed. This card is provided with the high-security lock.



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